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Infra Red to Radio Frequency Remote Control Converter

The IR2RF is the greatest thing to happen to the remote control since infrared! It converts your standard IR remote to an RF remote by simply substituting one battery! RF remotes are able to control electronic devices from a far greater range and do not require a direct line of sight.

IR (Infra-Red) remote controls typically have a short range and must be pointed towards the IR sensor on electronic devices. RF (Radio Frequency) however does away with the limitations of IR and even allows signals to travel through walls and floors.

The IR2RF provides an economical alternative to the expensive dedicated RF remote controls available in the market. It converts virtually any remote control that uses AA or AAA batteries into an RF remote. With this simple setup, you can control any device from 100+ feet away. No line of sight needed!

  • Converts your IR remote to an RF remote that extends range and coverage
  • Use your existing remote between walls and floors 100+ feet away!
  • Simple installation! Just substitute with one of the AA or AAA batteries in your existing remote.
  • The perfect companion to your existing device or universal remote
  • The main Receiver also doubles as a battery charger that you can use with the included spare 2/3 AAA battery plus a standard AAA rechargeable battery. This way, you can use a pair of batteries while another pair is all charged up and ready to be used.

Kit includes:

  • 1x Receiver Unit
  • 1x RF Transmitter/ AAA shell
  • 1x AA shell
  • 2x rechargeable 2/3 AAA batteries
  • IR beamer
  • 12 V 200mA power supply

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