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Tone Generator & Probe Kit

This high-grade tone and probe set comes in a divided pouch with a belt loop and flap.

Amplifier Probe:
Use to quickly trace and identify wires or cables, even when they are in a bundle.
Probe can work with any tone generator on the market.
Adjustable Volume level (1-9) for various work environments.
9V batteries (included) provide up to 100 hours of use.
Earphone jack provided for headset.
Signal LED for strength indication

Tone Generator:
Red/Black testing leads with alligator clips
RJ-11 (6 position, 4 contact) standard modular jack
3-Position mode switch (OFF, CONT, and TONE)
3 LED displays (CONT, TONE and Low Battery)
Single solid tone or dual alternating tone output (preset in unit)

Signal Tracer (F-set) for cable tracing and identification of premises wiring. Tone generator is fitted with alligator clips and modular plug. Has internal switch for modulated or unmodulated tone and external tone/continuity-test/off switch. Probe has built-in speaker, volume control and headset socket. Supplied in black velcro canvas pouch. 9V batteries for generator and probe are included.


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