RG6 Quad Compression Connectors pack of 50

RG6 Quad Compression Connectors pack of 50
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F Type RG6 Quad Compression connectors pack of 50


  • High Performance F-type Connector
  • Quick, easy installation on any standard RG6 quad shield and or Tri-Shield coaxial cable ideally suited for CABLEMASTERâ„¢ Quad
  • Designed for CATV, DSS, Broadband installation, Pay TV, Satellite
  • 360º Seal
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Replaces PV6QX-PV


Our universal connector rises to a new level with our SignaLoc Universal Continuity Connector. The unique C-Clamp lock is designed into the connector body to ensure signal continuity at all times. The unique mechanical lock eliminates intermittent loss of contact from loose connections both indoors or outdoors. SignaLoc reduces services calls and provides significant improvement to network performance as compared to standard connectors that work their way loose or are not fastened securely. As always SignaLoc is a universal F-Type connector that fits any standard quad-shield, tri-shield or dual shield RG-6 -75ohm coaxial cable.

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